The Old School Muse

The post-Christmas season is one of new resolutions and reminders of things not done, and so this first short message from Euterpe, The Old School Muse, is a message of greetings to all our many visitors and concert attendees here in Suffolk, with the resolution to make even better and more interesting programmes in 2005 for them to attend and enjoy.

The number of composers and projects which we hope to flesh out this year is unusually large. Most of our efforts go into the three week Festival, the annual International East Anglian Summer Music Festival, now in its 27th season, which this year will run from Saturday 9 July – Sunday 31 July 2005 inclusive. There will be, in addition, a weekend of concerts, tentatively scheduled for Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 April 2005, details of which will be posted in the very near future.

There are pros and cons to ‘themes’ for Festivals, but our own feeling is that concentrating on one or more composers and featuring several works by them, gives the listener the chance to experience their music intensely and in a short period of time. This year, for example, we hope to present works by the Romanian composer Georges Enescu in commemoration of the 50th year of his death, as well as two major works by Arnold Schoenberg, Ode to Napoleon and the four hand arrangement of the early Chamber Symphony, Opus 9. A special note of interest to concert listeners will be the performance of several works by the American composer/musicologist Victor Yellin in honour of his 80th birthday. Close friend of fellow American composer Virgil Thomson, and student of Darius Millhaud, Yellin has major musicological works on American composers and American musical history to his credit, as well as works reflecting his interest in dance rhythms and chromatic harmony.

In the summer, enjoyment of music is enhanced by a visit to The Old School, where, after the concerts and during the intervals, the audience is free to use the garden for refreshments and cream teas. Over the years we have structured the Festival concerts into several series, which we hope and feel are satisfying to the audience. A lot more information will be available shortly, and the resolution which we hope readers of this message will make is – visit The Old School in 2005 for fine music, excellently performed in a congenial atmosphere.

Euterpe, Muse of Music, The Old School


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