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Japanese students to visit

The Old School July 2006

Over the years concert goers at The Old School will know there is a deep and warm relationship between Japan and The Old School. Masterclasses and concerts have been held here with students from Kunitachi University in Tokyo, as well as a number of individual advanced students who have studied with Thomas McIntosh before entering one of the British advanced music institutions in order to obtain further degrees in piano performance.

In July 2006 it is planned that a group based in Nagoya, which currently hosts Expo ‘05, will travel to the United Kingdom specifically to study here at The Old School. Plans are being made for them to arrive 22 July, to have several classes and lessons with Thomas McIntosh, to give a small concert 25 July, and depart on the 26 th. It is hoped that about 15 young Japanese students, mostly under 20 years of age, will attend the Festival.