London City Chamber Orchestra

" Opening weekend of this year's Festival featured Messaien's Quartet for the End of Time in the evening. Jane Phillips conveyed the haunting quality in the clarinet solo movement of the Messaien. A spiky Millhaud suite, and Mendelssohn's lushly romantic first piano trio completed the programme.''

Suffolk/Norfolk Life

ARTSANGLIA PLAYERS are leading players of the London City Chamber Orchestra. The Ensemble has performed in all the major venues of London and has appeared as well throughout East Anglia. It is the resident chamber body of the International East Anglian Summer Music Festival and has, amongst its recordings, a highly acclaimed CD/cassette of Mozart's Early Viennese Concerti K413, K414 and K415. The Ensemble has toured abroad on a number of occasions and appeared in Festivals in Majorca, Seville, and Northern Spain

 Sample Programmes


Piano Concerto F K413
Piano Concerto A K414
Piano Concerto C K415

Darius MiIhaud
Suite Opus 157b
Felix Mendelssohn
Piano Trio D minor 0p49 No 1
Olivier Messiaen
Quartet for the End of Time

Piano Trio G major Gypsy Rondo
Felix Mendelssohn
Piano Trio No2 C minor Op66
Johannes Brahms
Piano Trio No3 C minor Op101