Memories of the 2006 Summer Music Festival

A big thank you to everyone who took the time to tell us about their Summer Music experiences.

If you missed Summer Music 2006, but wonder what it was all about, you can still view the Festival Brochure by following this link.

I attended the afternoon concert on 16 July and wanted to let you know what a thoroughly enjoyable experience it was for myself and my parents, particularly the Piano Quartet in G Minor, which was sublime.

I have only recently moved to the area, having lived for many years in Essex, but had attended your festival previously, when I was privileged to hear an exceptional rendition of Alban Berg's Seven Early Songs.

May I congratulate you and your family for providing an excellent musical event in civilised and charming surroundings and I look forward to attending many more concerts in the future.

With all good wishes for your continued success,

Mrs P.W

Thank you for the enjoyable concert of Saturday evening (22.07). I must confess this is my first visit to The Old School”, being drawn by the inclusion of the Alfred Schnittke work. Having heard some of his work via the Friday Midday String Quartet concerts at Aldeburgh, and the weekend of his music at the Barbican, it was an opportunity to see (& hear again) the work. Judging by your opening concert I hope you will be encouraged to include other works (“modern”) to widen the repertoire of future programmes.

Thanking you again

Mr J.H

Last evening’s concert (22 July) was a wonderful experience – adventurous programming and brilliant playing.

I would not have gone out of my way to hear Schnittke – composer in residence at The Aldeburgh Festival some years back I seem to remember and a bit daunting I felt at the time – but I am so glad I was given the opportunity to hear Moz-Art à la Haydn in yesterday’s programme, especially as I would never have searched it out on my own. It was a thrill to listen to and, as you said, to watch the movements on stage. I can’t lay claim to the bottle of wine, though!

The Shostakovich I last heard at a live performance at The Royal Festival Hall many years ago. I can honestly say I enjoyed your Hadleigh performance more – perhaps because, being closer to the orchestra, I felt more engaged. Some beautiful soft playing from the trumpet soloist and lovely string playing in the second movements and opening of the third (being an amateur cellist I appreciate fine string playing). It took some time, I believe, for Shostakovich to be recognised and the breadth and variety of his compositions are simply astounding. As you said this is not a profound work but it seems to me to be well crafted and rewarding to listen to. The quotes from other composers mentioned in your programme notes eluded me, I’m afraid. I wish you would give me a bit of guidance because it would enhance my enjoyment of this work on further listening.

As a finale things, musically speaking, don’t get much better that Tchaikovsky’s Serenade. The dozen string players gave a superb account of this work with such rich, tuneful playing that it was hard to believe so few musicians were producing it. Mark Kadin knew how to get the best from them without exaggerated gestures – George Szell would have been delighted judging from his quote in the programme.

My wife and friend who accompanied me came away from the concert equally as thrilled as I was. The least I could do was to put pen to paper and convey these words of appreciation to you.

Yours sincerely

Mr G.R

Thank you very much for your kind invitation to the Musical Festival on Wednesday. Mt wife and I enjoyed it immensely. We both thought that the students were very talented and very friendly, and we were amazed at the confidence they had, especially the younger members. We wish them all and yourselves all the best for the future.

Yours sincerely

Rex Thake, Chairman to the Council, Babergh District Council