Audience appreciation of the December 2009 Concerts

‘ CONGRATULATIONS! What a triumph! You must be delighted with the way the two Beethoven afternoons went and proud of the wonderful achievement of all concerned and the great reception and applause at the end.  I said to you yesterday and thought it again today, in such an intimate setting as The Old School, both afternoons were so redolent of the period and one could easily imagine the works being played by a group of, necessarily, talented friends for their enjoyment. Really well done, I am so glad that I came and was part of such a splendid occasion.’ V.A.

‘Thank you for Christmas at The Old School, and for the Beethoven.  Always a pleasure to join you for these events and I look forward to whatever is coming next.’ C.F.

‘I am writing to say a very big thank you for all the pleasure you have given me over the least thirty odd years.  You have provided such a large variety of music I have enjoyed in the cosy atmosphere of a drawing room in the home.  More recently you presented a wonderful ‘Christmas at The Old School’ and then the five Beethoven Piano Concerti.  I think Tom played them exceedingly well indeed and the orchestral support was just right for the sized of the hall.  The six strong players performed magnificently.  For myself, I will always be in your debt.’ C.C.

‘My wife and I feel we must praise to the heavens Mr Thomas McIntosh for the wonderful introduction he has given us to classical music.’ R.C.

‘Thank you for such a wonderful Christmas Concert.  It brought many pleasant memories.’ M.C.

‘The two Beethoven Piano Concerti Concerts were wonderful. Having the opportunity to hear all  the Concerti on two consecutive days was an extraordinary and memorable experience. Thank you so very much.’  P.S.

With many thanks for all the lovely music this Winter.’  S.E.